Which Kobo Should You Buy?

Kobo Review: Which Kobo Should You Buy?

eBook readers have come a long way, resulting in Kobo eReaders carefully crafted to deliver a superior reading experience. The high res, low-glare E Ink screens read just like print on paper to minimize eyestrain. Some of Kobo eReaders feature ComfortLight, the most even front-light ensures you’ll read comfortably in any lighting.

eBook readers can do more than just display the text of digitized books, they can browser the web, display emails and download newly purchased books automatically. The Kobo Arc series turns your book reader into a fully fledged touch screen tablet.

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Book-like Reading Experience

kobo aura hdYou may want to consider the Kobo Aura because of it’s advanced ComfortLight technology cleverly diffuses light across the page, rather than illuminate it from behind, so the light doesn’t shine at your face. Backlit screens often cause eyestrain because they shine light outwards, towards your eyes, and because they require screens that reflect light and create harsh glare. The print on paper feel of the Kobo Aura’s E Ink no-glare screen with a front light has none of these downfalls so you always have the best reading experience.

Kobo Arc tablets have beautiful color screens with HD resolution, but don’t let that sway you if you are primarily looking for a ereader. This is a gorgeous display, but it’s not the paper-like display of the eReaders models above – consider the Kobo arc only if you want your device to do more than book reading. Some of you, like me, will prefer a dedicated ebook reader because of the display and longer battery life.

Price Point

There is a Kobo for every price point from 85 dollars (same in UK pounds) to 350 dollars (same in UK pounds) for the Kindle Fire. We explain each model here.

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Portability Built in !

kobomini-pocketKobo eReaders are designed to move. Lightweight and conveniently portable without compromising with up to two months on battery life or memory, you’ll be able to carry up to 3,000 eBooks with you wherever you go. And if that’s not enough storage, most of the Kobo eReaders have expandable memory so you can carry even more — up to 30,000 with a microSD card.

If you are looking for the smallest ereader on the market you need to look at the Kobo Mini or the Kobo Glo. Both are pocket-sized with long battery life.

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