Kobo eBook Reader or Kobo Arc Tablet?

Kobo Review | Kobo eBook Reader or Kobo Arc Tablet?

kobo arc 7Kobo eBook readers use e-ink screens so they look just like a real book – black ink on a white background. Unlike a Kobo Arc tablet screen they don’t reflect  sunlight, and they typically use no power when a page is displayed. Power is only required when a page is turned or you download books. That’s a real power saver.

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Kobo Arc tablets use full color high resolution LCD touchscreens. They behave just like they other iPad/Android style tablets. The screens aren’t as comfortable over prolonged periods of reading causing eye strain due to staring at a glowing (back-lit) screen for so long. Battery life is also an issue with these tablets, consuming far more power than an e-ink Kindle e-Book reader.

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kobo touchKobo eBook readers with their e-ink screens are better suited to bright light and reading for long periods. Also battery life beats Kobo Arc tablets.  Go for the Kobo Mini or Kobo Glo if you need the glow light (it’s a front light built into the screen so avoids the back light eye strain of tablets).


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Kobo Arc tablets let you do much more than just read books, but be aware of the screen and battery limitations. Kobo Arc tablets compete with Kindle and Apple iPad tablets at a very competitive price.

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